For nearly 10 years we have blended our unique sound and charm to entertain. Look out for a celebration early in 2024!

Paisley and Plaid is a trio that draws inspiration from around the world and around the corner. They sing about the big things of life – love, risk, justice and beauty. They sing about the small things – hanging out the washing, wayward supermarket trolleys and how to make chai tea. They weave their voices together in gorgeous harmonies, sometimes accompanied by guitar, ukulele and percussion… and sometimes by nothing at all. Their repertoire comes from far and wide – Appalachian tunes, children’s songs, local songwriters and their own creative imaginations. A Paisley and Plaid gig may swing from an old-fashioned hymn to a quirky mash-up to a country-style ballad with a raunchy edge.

Paisley and Plaid is Steph Payne (vocals, ukulele, banjo and laughter), Georgie Sinha (vocals, percussion and witty asides) and Alan Davies (vocals, guitar and Dad jokes).